Targeting enterprises, Motorola Solutions to launch next generation TETRA solutions

Telecom Lead India: Mission-critical communications
solutions provider Motorola Solutions is set to launch next generation TETRA
(TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) solutions.

Led by the MTP3000 handheld radio series, the new radios
raise the standard in safety, ease of use and device ruggedness.

While ensuring the mission-critical functionality
expected by public safety and enterprises, new solutions will assist customers
to enhance public safety networks with the latest innovations while bringing
down total cost of ownership.

The new solutions include terminals and advanced services
such as real-time network monitoring and optimization innovations for

Through our exciting technical advances in network
proofing and performance, we are helping customers optimize their TETRA
networks with enhanced performance capabilities and lower cost of ownership.
Our continual focus on network technical innovations helps our customers
deliver much more with less while simplifying their migration to next-stage
mission-critical networks,” said Tom Quirke, vice president and general
manager, TETRA Global Organization, Motorola Solutions.

Motorola will highlight its vision for the Ultimate
Patrol Vehicle at at TETRA World Congress in Dubai. The vehicle’s cockpit
incorporates the latest technologies and easy-to-reach integrated controls for
streamlined decision-making and actions by officers involved in high-stress

For streamlined actions, the car has integrated,
easy-to-reach controls with key functions tied to single button presses or
simple voice commands. Its workstation runs applications such as Automatic
Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and real-time video streaming over LTE and TEDS
(TETRA Enhanced Data Services) to empower and protect officers like never

Public safety and enterprises need to deliver flexible
operational capabilities while handling increasing workloads with fewer

Meanwhile, enterprises require more data for applications
to enhance operations with the latest broadband innovations.

Motorola is committed to the future of TETRA and TEDS as
the core of mission-critical communications and at TETRA World Congress will
demonstrate how to extend its TETRA solutions with a powerful combination of
broadband technologies, multimedia applications and advanced devices.

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