Targeting video service providers, Tektronix unveils Sentry Edge II

Telecom Lead America: Tektronix has launched Sentry Edge
II that detects RF modulation and Transport Stream errors generated by
equipment errors or failures.


Sentry Edge II enables video service providers (VSPs) to
access to the information needed to proactively monitor RF, before issues
affect subscribers.


Sentry Edge II can be used for post-QAM monitoring in the
dynamic video environment, where quick problem isolation and resolution are
essential. VSPs can use Sentry Edge II at the hub, headend or wherever QAM is
used. Comprehensive and high-quality RF measurements make it easier and faster
to pinpoint issues.


Sentry Edge II offers more tuners per unit than competing
products, lowering the cost of edge monitoring.


Tektronix said providers can select from two high-density
models. Both are designed to minimize rack space and power costs. RF signals up
to 1GHz can be monitored, allowing monitoring of the additional services that
providers have added to grow their business. QAM A, B, and C support meets
providers’ requirements worldwide.


Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line at
Tektronix, said the video and audio errors that can ruin subscribers’ QoE can
originate anywhere in today’s increasingly complex networks, so monitoring
network-wide is vital for resolving these errors before they impact


The advanced monitoring capabilities of new Sentry Edge
II ideally complement the other members of the Sentry family, enabling video
service providers to comprehensively monitor video content from the source to
the edge of their networks.


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