Tata Communications implements network consolidation for KPIT Cummins

Telecom Lead India: Tata Communications has completed the implementation of network consolidation, business video and managed voice services for KPIT Cummins.

KPIT Cummins opted for the network consolidation to benefit from unified communication and enterprise mobility to address demands of mobile and geographically dispersed workforce.

Tata Communications supplies for both domestic and international Multi- Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and 100 Mbps internet connectivity with dual last-mile resiliency across the company’s 20 facilities globally.

The business video initiative has reduced communication and travel costs by an estimated 20–25 percent.

KPIT Cummins benefited as it could conduct face-to-face virtual interaction with its customers.

Mandar Marulkar, head of IT infrastructure, Systems and chief information security officer at KPIT Cummins, said: “Our priority is to empower our geographically dispersed employees with a seamless unified communication experience that boosts productivity and enables better customer experience.”

Tata Communications has also implemented an International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) voice network as well as audio conferencing services. KPIT employees can use their IP telephones or PC clients to call any of their colleagues at any of the 5,000 global office extensions.

“By consolidating its connectivity infrastructure, KPIT Cummins has improved the availability, capacity, performance and management of its network,” said John Hayduk, CTO & president, Tata Communications.