Tata Communications launches mobile VoIP platform for telecoms

Tata Communications on Monday launched its mobile VoIP platform that allows mobile network operators (MNO) and other retail voice providers to deliver and monetise IP communication services.

The mobile VoIP platform enables operators to roll out packages that create differentiation among user communities such as roamers, migrants, and digital natives exploiting internet reach.

Research reports suggest that by 2017 there will be more than 1 billion people using mobile VoIP through smartphone apps. OTT services are becoming increasingly popular with the growing adoption of smart phones and tablets.

Tata Communications’ mobile VoIP platform will assist MNOs to offer converged communication service across voice, chat, video and file sharing, enhancing the customer relationship value chain and improving customer loyalty and Average Revenue per User (ARPU).

Tata communication

It leverages the brand value and customer billing relationships mobile operators and other retail service providers have, increasing the revenue potential of converged communication offerings.

“Mobile VoIP can be used by MNOs or indeed fixed-line or cable players to address specific target markets or develop new service bundles such as video conferencing,” said Anthony Cox, associate analyst at Juniper Research.

The mobile VoIP platform enables telecom operators to launch their branded mobile VOIP app and make it available on all the major smartphone and desktop platforms. The app will be directly integrated into the existing user management, billing and reporting platforms through a web API.

Mobile operators remain in control of the customer relationship, and can also extend the service reach by making it possible for customers to use mobile VOIP minutes for calls from laptops or tablets.

“Our mobile VoIP offerings allow operators to gain additional revenue from always connected users, and create new market segments without the significant upfront capital investment and lead time required for true native rich communication services,” said Christian Michaud, senior vice president, Product and Business Strategy, Global Voice Solutions, Tata Communications.

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