Tata Communications signs voice solutions deal with UPC Wholesale

Telecom Lead India: Tata Communications has signed a voice solutions agreement with UPC Wholesale.

As part of the strategic deal, Tata Communications will offer access to its IP voice switching platform and associated support systems.

UPC Wholesale, an European carrier and a subsidiary of Liberty Global, can now integrate its different existing voice networks into one single, next-generation platform, saving costs which UPC Wholesale can pass on to its customers.

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In addition, support from Tata Communications’ voice routing and traffic management systems will enable UPC Wholesale to implement and centralize the processes needed to manage operational costs and quality of international calls.

Michel Guyot, president of Global Voice Solutions for Tata Communications

Michel Guyot, president of Global Voice Solutions for Tata Communications, says that UPC can now focus on core services and key growth segments, while reducing capital commitments to traffic management platforms, back-office capabilities and next-generation IP networks.

“By centralising the voice business, UPC Wholesale is now able to offer carriers one single point of contact to do voice business for the 10 different countries UPC Wholesale is active in: Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary and Austria,” said Ritchy Drost, CFO of Liberty Global’s European Broadband Operations.

UPC Wholesale will continue to benefit from Tata Communications’ on-going investments in systems and processes to improve voice call quality.

In this past year, the company has implemented a continuous Mean Opinion Score (MOS) voice quality testing and tracking tool to ensure consistent quality across its network, and a direct transit service to improve roaming quality and enable end-to-end HD voice.

Tata Communications has also deployed near-real-time False Answer Supervision (FAS) detection and remediation solution and real-time fraud monitoring and prevention tool for its customers. This helps improve end-user experience through the elimination of incorrect billing caused by False Answer Supervision (FAS) which occurs when providers terminate calls fraudulently.

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