Tata Elxsi to invest in broadband wireless solutions using TV whitespace and unlicensed spectrum

Telecom Lead India:
Tata Elxsi, a provider of solutions and services for 4G broadband wireless, will
be investing in exploring broadband wireless solutions using TV whitespace and
unlicensed spectrum.


Tata Elxsi is also looking at tapping India for small cell
software segment. Tata Elxsi currently has around 400 engineers in India
and two development centers in Bangalore and Chennai.


Nitin P. Pai, vice president – Marketing of Tata Elxsi
talks about the company’s LTE offerings and business model.


What are your new and
innovative product and services?


We are working on advance features such in Release 9,
Release 10 upgrades, Relay products to support growth of Wireless backhaul. We
are also investing in exploring broadband wireless solutions using TV
whitespace and unlicensed spectrum.


What are the opportunities in the LTE market?


Opportunities in LTE lies in the commercial market where we
see a large growth in theSmall cells industry addressing from Home, enterprise,
rural and urban segments. Also in adjacent areas such as defense and Machine to
Machine communication.


What is your go-to market strategy?


Tata Elxsi has a string of partnership within the broadband
wireless eco system, were we partner along with Chipset vendor, Hardware
vendors to address the requirement of the OEM/customers


How will Tata Elxsi’s LTE Small Cell software suite benefit
the telecom sector?


There is a strong growth in Small cells industry addressing
from home, enterprise, rural and urban segments. There is a sheer variants and
varietythat the vendors have to manage the requirements, and these segment are
very cost sensitive.Tata Elxsi provides complete small cell software suite,
that enables OEM/ODMs to immediately productize and reduce their time to market
and development cost. The suite provides scalability and flexibility of
platforms helping them reduce complexity of managing different software bases
for different products. Tata Elxsi small cell reference solution is fully 3GPP
and small cell forum compliant.


Please highlight Tata Elxsi’s LTE Business Model?


Tata Elxsi suite of reference designs and protocol stacks
for small cells and LTE UE can be licensed on multiple platforms. The license
covers platform optimized and platformindependent delivery. The software can be
accessed in both source and binaryform.The business model couples IP license
along with world class professional service to ensure development and
deployment successwith minimize cost and risks.


Please throw some light on your LTE Professional Services?


Tata Elxsi has been working with leading wireless
infrastructure OEMs for over 15 years, offering product development services as
well as referencedesigns across wide variety of wireless technologies. Tata
Elxsi’s services includesystem engineering, design and development and system
integration and testing.


System engineering – With system level experience and
industry leadershipposition in wireless broadband technologies, Tata Elxsi
helps customer in system architecture and platform selection based on use
cases, software development and partitioning, hardware development and
integration of third party components.


Software development – Tata Elxsi offers Product
Conceptualization and Rapid prototyping, Software development, customization,
integration & testing, RF integration and IOT, Pre-Certification /
Certification support, Product Re-engineering & Platform migration,
Maintenance & Sustaining engineering.


System Integration and Testing – With end-to-end system
knowledge,Tata Elxsi provides system integration at various levels, L1-L2
Integration, L1-L2-L3Integration, L1-RF Integration and overall system
Integration (Digital IQ and RF).This is complemented by Interoperability
testing with access (UE) and core (EPC) elements.


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