Tata Interactive Systems develops mobile learning platform for enterprises

Telecom Lead India: Tata Interactive Systems has
developed LearNow, a mobile learning platform to address mobile learning needs
of enterprises.

LearNow enables creation of dynamic learning path for the
user, rapidly deploys learning content, tracks learner performance, and creates
assessments on the fly on mobile platforms.

Tata Interactive Systems claims that enterprises with a
significant mobile or shop floor workforce will benefit by adopting LearNow.

Enterprises can improve their sales performance by using
LearNow to rapidly deploy training for selling new products, customer interaction
guides, and step-by-step guides for deploying the sales process.

Organizations from the manufacturing sector can use
LearNow to deploy step-by-step guides to install new products thereby achieving
lower installation time.

LearNow can help to lower maintenance and repair time of
machines by its Totally Advanced Performance (TAP) system that loads specific
job guides when the user scans QR codes affixed on machines or components.

Adopting LearNow for mobile learning will benefit
organizations immensely by helping them to achieve better productivity, better
compliance ratios and lesser time-to-competence of workforce.

The deployment of learning and maximized face time of
employees with learning assets ensures better course adoption and completion rates
and thus lesser errors. What makes LearNow[TM] all the more attractive is that
adoption costs are as low as US$ 1 per person, per month.

“We are excited to offer LearNow to our clients. We
are confident that it will address all their problems in the challenges of
supporting and training employees who are mobile and thereby have a significant
and measurable impact on their business,” said Kshitij Nerurkar, chief
operating officer, Tata Interactive Systems.

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