Tavant uses Aryaka’s WAN optimization


Aryaka, a provider of the cloud-based WAN optimization
and application acceleration solution, announced that Tavant Technologies has
deployed Aryaka’s WAN optimization delivered as-a-service to better connect
clients and offshore teams, and seamlessly send traffic to and from data
centers located across its wide area network (WAN).


Tavant develops cutting-edge technologies for brands in
service operations, consumer lending, eBusiness, and trading & securities.
The company specializes in service oriented architecture (SOA) solutions and
providing end-to-end services for demanding and security-conscious customers who
do not tolerate network downtime or data loss.


While the company tried various options for WAN
connectivity, offshore teams were continuously frustrated by poor application
performance. Database backups took more than three days over IPLC
(international private leased circuit), and the company was forced to resort to
shipping DVDs via FedEx between the United States and India for Disaster
Recovery (DR).


Tavant switched to expensive Multiprotocol Label Switching
(MPLS) links, which took months to implement and still did not address
application performance issues.


Tavant selected Aryaka because Aryaka’s cloud-based WAN optimization solution enabled the Tavant
workforce to access files faster, collaborate globally in real-time, and
realize improved productivity across a common platform, without appliances and
expensive, dedicated point-to-point links.


With Aryaka, Tavant noticed immediate improvements in
application behavior, throughput and drastically reduced bandwidth requirements
for FTP, SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange. Their disaster recovery solution
was enhanced as well.


Aryaka’s WAN optimization-as-a-service, which includes
TCP optimization, bandwidth scaling techniques and application proxies built on
a dedicated, secure network of global points of presence (POPs) with end-to-end
visibility using the MyAryaka customer portal, gave Tavant a one-stop solution.


“Before deploying the Aryaka solution, we found that
our WAN performance was so slow that it was unusable latency was a
killer,” said Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO of Tavant Technologies.


“Aryaka provides us LAN-like performance on our WAN
so that our people can actively use Email, SharePoint and backups across the
network, improving our business processes and keeping our distributed locations
synchronized in real-time,” Mahesh added.


“Tavant has a proud tradition of engineering and
process excellence with high employee and customer satisfaction,” said
Ajit Gupta, founder, president and CEO of Aryaka.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]