Tawkon to continue investment in cell phone radiation Android app

Telecom Lead India: tawkon is a provider of app that
gives information related to cell phone radiation. Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel,
tawkon claims that it sets the standard for responsible mobile device usage by
creating smart, practical solutions that lets users take control of their
exposure to cellular radiation.

Through its applications, the company claims that it
empowers millions of users to adapt healthier habits and lifestyles, as well as
ensure the welfare of friends and family. Gil Friedlander, co-founder and CEO of
tawkon, speaks about effects of mobile phone radiation, along with tawkon’s
offerings and future plans:

What are the possible effects of mobile phone radiation?

WHO classified a year ago mobile phone radiation as a
possible carcinogen and may pose a risk to cell phone users; other possible
affects are low sperm count for man and cognitive impact with that said current
studies have been inconclusive in determining the long-term effects of cell
phone radiation and significant research still needs to be conducted to have
conclusive evidence.

What steps should be taken by the authorities to lower
down cell phone radiation?

Just last week, the GAO released a study suggesting that
the FCC re-evaluate their standards for cell phone radiation. We believe that
the evaluation will help the wireless industry and consumers have a better
understanding of the effects of cell phone radiation. In many countries
regulation is set guiding uses to exercise Precautionary Measures for instance
that cell phone user talk smarter and healthier by switching to a Bluetooth or
speakerphone to minimize exposure to radiation. This is especially
important with Kids and adolescence using cell phones.

What tawkon is doing to prevent such cases of cell phone
radiation? What are your offerings?

The company has developed an app that warns users
when cell phone radiation levels are peaking so that users can switch from
talking directly on their handset that is up against the body to a Bluetooth or
speakerphone with the phone at a distance from the body, which drastically
reduces exposure to radiation.

Cell phone radiation levels peak when the phone needs to
work harder like in a basement, elevator, crowded area, etc. tawkon will let
you know when you phone is emitting the highest levels of radiation so you can
talk smarter and healthier.

What are your demands from mobile phone companies and
service providers?

The recent GAO study and the potential FCC change in
standards may, for the first time, make the wireless industry more receptive
and proactive in adopting last years’ WHO declaration addressing the possible
hazard of non-ionizing radiation that our mobile phone emits – classified as a
possible Carcinogen (class 2B).

Since the beginning, the wireless industry has taken a
clear stance of rejecting all possible harm of non-ionizing radiation,
declaring it complies with the FCC standards and therefore not adopting any
further precautionary measures. The wireless industry, unfortunately, did not
adopt any self-regulation. In our view  adopting precautionary measures
will not reduce mobile phone usage (as the industry fears) but will maintain
similar usage levels while allowing users to decrease dramatically their
exposure to mobile radiation and use their phones responsibly.

The operators and manufactures that adopt this path first
will greatly benefit.

What are your investment and expansion plans?

tawkon will continue to invest in enhancing our Android
application based on a lot of constructive feedback we receive from our users
and then expand to additional operating system. We plan to provide additional
tools and value to allow users to use mobile device smart and responsibly.


Danish Khan
[email protected]