TCS in pact with Red Hat to provide NFV orchestration and test solution

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced its association with Red Hat to provide an NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Orchestration and Test Solution.

The test solution will be based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to enable validation of service design, orchestration, functional testing, and characterization of NFV services.

The TCS and Red Hat collaboration will provide a European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)-compliant NFV framework built on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. TCS’ NFV orchestration and Test Solution offers verification of NFV services.

It supports many components of a telecom cloud ecosystem, including operational and business support systems and third-party traffic generators while protecting existing investments. The TCS test solution provides a unified platform for accelerated service roll-out by automating verification of orchestration, configuration, lifecycle events, and functionality.

TCS’ NFV Orchestration and Test Solution is purpose-built to include orchestration and verification capabilities best suited for underlying platforms.

“TCS’ collaboration with Red Hat brings the benefits of TCS’ communication product engineering capabilities together with Red Hat’s enterprise-grade and production-ready OpenStack platform to customers around the world,” said V Rajanna, global head, Technology Business Unit, TCS.

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