TCS receives 3 U.S. patents for advancements in navigation

TeleCommunication Systems has received three patents related to navigation from
the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The first patent describes a method by which a navigation system can
reconstruct a route based upon known location fixes taken along the route in
combination with other predictive factors, including the proximity to nearby
roads, travel restrictions upon those roads as related to the vehicle and
posted speed limits. The practice of showing the historical route is quite
common in current navigation systems.

Every major mobile navigation solution incorporates some form of Point of
Interest (POI) search capability. The second patent describes methods by which
a GPS-enabled mobile device can initiate a POI search based upon various
criteria, with the most prevalent being the proximity of the POI to the mobile
user. TCS’ Navigation solutions have utilized this method of POI search in
their earliest incarnations, and we have refined the search methods so that the
distance from the mobile user is one of the most highly weighted criteria when
determining the list of POIs to return to the user.

The areas of vehicle-based telematics and mobile-based navigation have become
more and more entwined over the last few years. The third patent describes
methods by which a mobile device can be used to communicate navigation
instructions to a vehicle-based display system. This technique, often referred
to as “hybrid telematics,” combines the strengths of the GPS-enabled
mobile-device and the large, high-resolution, in-vehicle display systems.

“TCS is a pioneer in navigation solutions for the mobile device and
in-vehicle telematics systems,” said Steve Petilli, senior vice president
of TCS‘ Navigation and Telematics business unit.

This announcement brings the total number of issued patents worldwide to more
than 173, with more than 330 patent applications pending. TCS’ growing patent
portfolio allows meaningful partnerships with other industry-leading companies
to be built through direct licensing, cross licensing and joint venture

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