TE Connectivity introduces new fiber installation system

TE Connectivity today announced the launch of a new fiber installation system.

To offer fast, flexible and discrete deployment of fiber optic cable in indoor environments, TE said the system uses a unique handheld tool and 900 micron fiber cable with integrated adhesive.

The new fiber installation system ensures fast and consistent method for installing fiber throughout a building with minimal visibility.

The portable fiber system can be used for any indoor installation – minimizing the installer’s equipment costs and speeding time on the premises.

TE Connectivity introduces new fiber installation system

The new solution will benefit enterprises and telecoms because indoor fiber installers are faced with many challenges as property owners and tenants grow less tolerant of unsightly broadband cable and equipment in their living space.

Jaxon Lang, vice president of TE Broadband Networks, said: “The TAC fiber system provides installers with a fast and easy technique for deploying fiber seamlessly around baseboard, windows and trim work – holding firmly in place and nearly invisible to the casual observer.”

ABI Research’s latest report called Indoor Location for Commercial and Business Verticals said the ability to track connected devices and low-cost BLE tags will open up opportunities around staff analytics, visitor management, meeting scheduling, staff enterprise applications, building layout optimization, etc.

There is also huge potential in public-facing buildings like hospital, hotels, airports, schools, etc., resulting in over 40,000 installations of indoor location technologies in non-retail environments by 2019.

Practice director, Dominique Bonte, ABI Research, said: “New technologies will give this market a major jolt in the arm; Quuppa’s BLE technology and advances in Wi-Fi and small cell location will all better enable low-cost and high-accuracy across large buildings. IoE, wearables, and BYOD means there will be many more ways of tracking in the future, while the onset of low-cost BLE tags makes accurate asset tracking cost effective for all verticals, even consumers.”

TE Broadband Networks said its TAC fiber system utilizes a cordless, handheld fiber dispenser tool. When turned on, the device triggers the heat-activated microcable, enabling the fiber to bond continuously to the surface area as it is being applied.

Unlike traditional indoor fiber solutions, no messy caulking, staples or brackets are required – and the same equipment can be leveraged for any indoor fiber application. The TAC fiber system also employs reduced bend radius fiber technology that is less susceptible to attenuation loss resulting from tight bends and handling. The system’s cable also works with field installable connectors or can be fusion spliced for connecting to a wall plate or optical network terminal.

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