TE Connectivity unveils infrastructure configuration manager software


Telecom Lead Team:
TE Connectivity (TE)
has launched its Infrastructure Configuration Manager (ICM) software. The
software is designed for customers of TE managed connectivity solutions.


powers TE’s AMPTRAC ninth wire system and advanced Quareo connection point
identification technology, providing customers with a single platform for both


is ideal for customers needing to manage complex networks, allowing
simultaneous access to a wide range of departments, including help desk,
planning, network administration, supervision and technicians,” said Kam Patel,
product management director for emerging technologies at TE Enterprise


provides benefits to client networks of any size and application. When used
with AMPTRAC and Quareo, the software system allows immediate response to
changes in connectivity and automatically records the connections of the
physical layer cabling system and its devices with accurate documentation.


newly launched software creates an automated, accurate, real-time physical
layer management system that is designed to explore, discover and map all the
connections of the network, allowing data center and network managers to
simplify the process of all moves, adds and changes (MACs), improve security
and reduce operating expense.


managed connectivity solutions, enabled by ICM, help customers eliminate time
consuming manual work order processes, easily identify and locate specific
ports, auto-discover IP assets, and trace data center circuits from the switch
through the cross-connect to the server.


is fully configurable with an easy-to-use, intuitive menu structure and
third-party software support via Application Programming Interface (API)


Recently, TE Connectivity (TE) launched a new plug-and-play cabling solution for
Passive Optical Network (PON) architectures. 


Optical LAN Solution (OLS) capitalizes on its fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)
product portfolio and takes a single strand of single mode fiber from the data
center to an individual desk or user area. 

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