TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile supports new version of Rich Communication Suite-enhanced specification

Telecom Lead America: Voice and video over IP engines
provider SPIRIT DSP announced that its TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile
supports new version of Rich Communication Suite-enhanced specification.

The new version includes the IMS-based definitions for
mVVoIP (Mobile Voice and Video over IP) calling and conferencing.

RCS-e is a GSMA-driven standard for carriers’ IP services
that aims to provide fully interoperable and standards-based rich functionality
to end users, such as IM, presence, sharing and voice and video calls. 

The RCS-e specification will allow telecom operators to
compete with alternative OTT (Over-the-Top) mobile service providers, retain
and even expand their subscriber base with high-quality feature-rich,
standards-based mobile applications available across a wide set of handsets and
mobile networks.

RCS-e applications integrate with telecom operators’ IMS
infrastructures, implementing voice and video call functionality using
IMS-compatible media streaming and SIP signaling.

TeamSpirit features modules for traditional IP network
impairments compensation, such as echo, latency, jitter, congestion and packet
loss, with various voice and video packet loss robustness and quality
improvement algorithms to maintain call quality in changing network channel

The Engine is compatible with standard SIP, IMS and VoLTE
specifications and has been tested in thousands of industry standard tests, as
well as benchmark and interoperability tests (BMT/IOT) conducted by the largest
carriers and OTT service providers.

With TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile, developers
can quickly bring high-quality IMS-compatible voice and video calling
functionality to their RCS e services, applications and devices. SPIRIT
customers Huawei, KT and LG U+ are good examples of Tier1 operators that have
recognized the power of RCS-e and are actively creating applications and
services based on this powerful standard.

“The TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile SDK
provides simple, yet comprehensive mVVoIP-optimized calling APIs, along with
compatibility with RCS-e, IMS and VoLTE specifications, allowing operators and
smartphone developers to avoid unnecessary engineering efforts and rapidly and
cost-affordably bring to market embedded RCS-e applications with outstanding HD
calling quality on a variety of mobile platforms, including Android and
iOS,” said SPIRIT’s Product Marketing Director Alexander Samarin.

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