Tech Mahindra upgrades Infinys postpaid billing system at Nawras

Tech Mahindra has upgraded the Infinys postpaid billing system at Nawras, a member of Ooredoo Group, from IRB 2.2. to RBM 5.3.7.

This enables the telecoms to ensure transparent billing system and better revenues.

The project also involved a hardware platform change from HP Unix to IBM AIX and migration of all data from the legacy system. This upgrade will enable Nawras to improve customer experience and as part of their drive to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Tech Mahindra

“We were delighted to have Tech Mahindra – our long term partner – to take on this critical project. This successful upgrade vindicates our decision to go with Tech Mahindra and they were able to handle all the technical challenges efficiently,” said Abdulaziz Jaafar, director – Information Technology, Nawras.

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