Tektronix adds features to AWG70000B arbitrary waveform generator

Tektronix has launched the AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator with new features targeting customers in the electronic warfare and wireless communications systems market.
Tektronix AWG70000B features

Engineers can use Streaming Waveform ID functionality to ensure flexibility to recreate real-world signals and cycle through signal tests quickly.

Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Tektronix said the new Streaming Waveform ID functionality will be doubling waveform memory to 32 GSamples. The new capabilities of the AWG70000B provide advantages for replicating the chaos of the real world during simulation exercises and evaluation of modulated signal formats.

The Streaming Waveform ID feature provides immediate access to a total of 16,383 sequence steps though a direct Ethernet interface. In electronic warfare simulation, dynamic signal scenarios and deeper waveform memory enable engineers to generate complex and longer strings of continuous radar pulses to effectively simulate electronic counter measures.

In wireless communications research, engineers can change modulation types to simulate Doppler radars, building obstructions or other obstacles to improve orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal durability in real-world deployments.

The new AWG70000B Series also includes support for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system to meet IT security mandates for instrument operation in government agencies and corporate IT departments.

The AWG70000B Series with new feature enhancements is available for a starting price of $83,600.