Tektronix announces test solution for Thunderbolt technology

Telecom Lead Asia: Tektronix, a provider of test,
measurement and monitoring instrumentation, has launched a comprehensive test
solution for Thunderbolt technology.


Thunderbolt is a new, high-speed, multi-protocol I/O
technology designed to provide headroom for next generation display and I/O


“Engineers face increasingly more difficult
challenges as they quickly solve physical layer electrical validation problems
that threaten rapid technology deployment. As demonstrated with Thunderbolt
support, Tektronix is committed to providing the industry’s best in class tools
to enable the early adoption of leading technologies,” said Brian Reich,
general manager, Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix.


The new solution for Thunderbolt technology includes a
20GHz DSA70000 Series Oscilloscope, 12.5 Gb/s BSA
Series BERTScope, and a DSA8300 Series Sampling Oscilloscope.


“As bus speeds and complexity increase, it’s
important that the physical layer testing tools keep pace. With their
Thunderbolt solution, Tektronix is among those companies expanding the approach
to physical layer electrical analysis that can help continue timely delivery of
Thunderbolt technology to consumers,” said Jason Ziller, director of marketing
and planning, Thunderbolt Technology at Intel Corporation.


The company said that its solution serves the
comprehensive needs of Thunderbolt physical layer testing and spec conformance


Thunderbolt’s four channel 10.3 Gbps I/O architecture is
the most significant advancement in PC I/O design ever introduced into the
consumer level electronics industry and Tektronix is dedicated to delivery of a
broad portfolio of tools to facilitate the successful deployment of this new
technology working in concert with Intel.


The Tektronix physical layer electrical validation
solution for Thunderbolt is currently available for order.


Recently, Tektronix
announced that it provided support to Intel and the PCI Express (PCIe)
ecosystem in the testing and verification of the new Intel XeonProcessor
E5-2600 family.


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