Tektronix launches new SPECMON Spectrum Analyzer

Telecom Lead America: Test, measurement and monitoring instrumentation provider Tektronix has launched the SPECMON Spectrum Analyzer.

SPECMON Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzer, according to Tektronix, is a fast and versatile solution for hunting down sources of RF interference in the field.

Tektronix has priced SPECMON Spectrum Analyzer solution at $51,600 in the U.S.

There are several benefits to telecom users. Its swept DPX technology, advanced triggering, wide capture bandwidth and three domain signal analysis, enable telecom users to discover and capture events as short as 3.7 µs with 100 percent probability of intercept, making it easy to find and troubleshoot interferers fast.

Tektronix claims that SPECMON improves field hunting efficiency and lowers the cost of test. The analyzer is designed to sort through noisy RF environments with ease.

“The growing use of frequency hopping technologies has made hunting down the resulting transient signals next to impossible in the field with conventional spectrum monitoring receivers and equipment,” said Jim McGillivary, general manager of the spectrum analyzer product line at Tektronix.

“With SPECMON, we are giving spectrum managers the tool they need to keep interference issues under control with features like broader bandwidth, multiple integrated functions in a single box, and open data format compatibility to industry standards,” McGillivary added.

SPECMON features its swept DPX technology that automatically scans the entire frequency range in real time to find transient interferers. Density and frequency mask triggers enable SPECMON to capture infrequent transients and save only events of interests. It offers up to 110 MHz real-time bandwidth, widest in its class, and can capture events as short at 3.7µs with 100 percent probability of intercept (POI).

Support for multi-domain signal analysis accelerates troubleshooting and analysis by pinpointing the root cause of problems in multiple domains. Using the integrated 10.4-inch touch-screen display, SPECMON users can analyze captured data in the time, frequency and modulation domains at any time with correlated markers.

The open data format and comprehensive suite of built-in features reduce cost compared to alternative solutions. This gives engineers the flexibility to analyze captured data with third-party software analysis tools such as MATLAB or export mapping results into Google Earth or MapInfo.



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