Tektronix releases SignalVu-PC software for deep, offline analysis of complex signals

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Tektronix has released SignalVu-PC software that provides in depth, offline
analysis of complex signals captured using Tektronix signal analyzers
and oscilloscopes.


The company claims that SignalVu-PC simplifies validation
of wideband designs and characterization of spectral events, and speeds up
time-to-insight by showing the time-variant behavior of RF signals.


The software is available for Tektronix oscilloscope and
real-time signal analyzer customers. The company said the software meets the
market need to minimize test budgets while simultaneously performing deeper


Jim McGillivary, general manager of Source Analyzer
Product Line at Tektronix said that SignalVu-PC is the ideal solution for
engineers who gather data in the field for later analysis, or who need to free
up instruments in the lab for new tests


By using SignalVu-PC, waveforms captured on low-cost
MSO/DPO2000 Series oscilloscopes can now be analyzed in new and sophisticated


SignalVu-PC software offers vector signal analysis
functionality across spectrum, spectrogram, and RF measurements including
analog modulation analysis, adjacent channel power, CCDF, occupied bandwidth
plus amplitude, frequency and phase vs. time.


Acquisitions from all current Tektronix MSO, MDO, DSA and
DPO Series oscilloscopes, including the spectrum analyzer in the MDO4000 can be
analyzed with SignalVu-PC.


Additionally, up to four channels of input can be
captured simultaneously when using oscilloscopes.


The company said that users can also apply math functions
to the acquisition prior to analysis.


Tektronix upgrades Medius centralized management server


Last month, Tektronix upgraded its Medius centralized
management server to offer video service providers a better view of the
condition of the programs flowing throughout distributed networks. 


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