Tektronix unveils automated test and debug solution for SFP+ standards

Tektronix announced the industry’s first comprehensive  automated test and debug solution for SFF-8431, SFP+ PHY and SFP+ Direct Attach Cable Specifications “10GSFP+CU” Measurements, dramatically reducing test time requirements and boosting productivity for design engineers and


The new TEKEXP SFP-TX option for DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series oscilloscopes helps users easily select measurements for SFF-8431 SFP+ testing and provides the ability to perform all measurements with a single button click.

Automation options help engineers efficiently meet compliance requirements and generate detailed reports. Additionally users can change test limits for advanced margin and performance testing.

The new SFP-TX option for the popular DPOJET jitter analysis software greatly simplifies SFF-8431 SFP+ testing. All masks, limits, and measurement parameters are automatically configured, and also provide the flexibility to change selected measurements and measurement configurations using a new standard-specific user interface.

“The dramatic growth in bandwidth requirements and the increasing worldwide use of high-performance servers is leading to an expanding need for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and in turn new connectivity options based on SFP+,” said Roy Siegel, general manager, Oscilloscopes, Tektronix.

By offering the industry’s first automated and debug solution for validating SFF-8431 SFP+ devices, Tektronix helps make it easier for companies to bring new and innovative SFP+ offerings to market with assurance their products will conform to specifications and deliver optimum performance and reliability.

“Time to market is critical in this industry. While it’s certainly possible that we could design our own automated testing solution, we now can focus resources on our core areas and let partners like
Tektronix deliver robust automated solutions such as SFP-TX that can significantly reduce our testing time,” said Dimitry Taich, director of systems engineering, PHY products, at PLX Technology.

Six new additional measurements have been added including VMA, Rise Time, Tx-Qsq, DDPWS, Fall Time, and UJ. Setup files are provided based on different signal types such as 8180, PRBS9, and PRBS 31.

Signal-specific setup files allow users to perform measurements on different signal types or go into analysis and debug mode.

Once the test bench is set up and the DUT connected, users simply need to press the “Run” button to perform a selected test suite. The SFP-TX solution prompts the end-user to put the DUT into
different test modes by displaying messages at regular intervals.

Tektronix is a participating member of the Ethernet Alliance, a global consortium that includes system and component vendors, industry experts and university and government professionals who are committed to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology.

Tektronix recently announced four new DPO/DSA70000D Series oscilloscope models with real time sampling rates up to 100 GS/s on two channels and 33 GHz analog bandwidth on four channels.

These new products include models for 25 and 33 GHz bandwidths that provide the highest level of measurement accuracy for today’s fastest electrical signals across multiple channels.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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