Tektronix upgrades Medius centralized management server

Telecom Lead America: Test and measurement company
Tektronix has upgraded its Medius centralized management server to offer video
service providers a better view of the condition of the programs flowing
throughout distributed networks.

The upgrade is aimed at offering a new program alert
dashboard that provides new views of Sentry reports, delivering more program
status and alert status information per screen. This allows users to
identify issues quickly.

Tektronix said the new views include a geographical view
that displays all of the monitoring points on a map and quickly highlights
problem areas or regions; a grid view that shows a program’s alert status
across all monitoring points for fast identification and repair of the source
locations having video and audio problems; and a tile view that provides a
quick snapshot of the alert status of all programs or services and quickly
highlights which programs need the most attention.

“These new features of Medius are ideal for
personnel in network operating centers (NOC) who manage multiple headends and
hubs within a large network as it gives them a comprehensive, straightforward
and easy-to-understand view of the status of the programming flowing through
their networks,” said Eben Jenkins, general manager, Video Product Line at

The upgrade is happening at a time when video service
providers are increasingly consolidating their networks and headends to
increase efficiency and deliver new services.

Medius collects, organizes and displays the critical
information delivered from multiple Sentry units within the Sentry product
family, which are deployed at headends and other key points in a network to
closely monitor programs for video, audio and other content in the transport
stream that can impact viewers’ quality of experience (QoE). Video service
providers use this information to speed the diagnosis and repair of these
issues to ensure the best possible QoE for their subscribers.

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