Telcordia to manage mobile number portability in Chile






Telcordia announced that the company has been selected by the Number Portability Committee on behalf of all Chile’s service providers who are subject of Number Portability Implementation to manage the country’s number portability system.





With more than 15 worldwide number-portability implementations, Telcordia will provide managed services, training and carrier-grade software solutions for Chile’s regulators, and fixed and mobile service providers to enable a number portability rollout scheduled for later this year.





A number portability committee that represents all of Chile’s service providers made the selection after evaluating Telcordia’s background, technical capabilities and pricing model.





Telcordia demonstrated proven experience in number-portability deployments in other global markets that are similar to Chile, such as Mexico. In addition to the lowest total cost of ownership in Chile for the system, Telcordia’s successful track record of number-portability implementations and proven technical solutions were deciding factors in the bid process.





Telcordia brings many years of telecommunications experience to ensuring a successful rollout of number portability in Chile, and this expertise is critical given its plans to take the system live before year end.





Our goal is to speed the value and benefits of number portability to our nation’s population, increasing competition among service providers that ultimately drives lower prices and higher quality of service for consumers,” said Cristian Cortes, president of Chile’s number portability committee.





Telcordia collaborating closely with Chile’s regulators and service providers to install and manage this important number-portability system to give consumers the power to transfer their phone numbers if they change operators.





“Our technology and real-world experience play a key role in being able to offer low porting fees and timely delivery of the system,” said Richard Jacowleff, president, Interconnection Solutions, Telcordia.





As part of the Chilean bid, Telcordia addressed an innovative business model for number portability that combines fixed and transaction-based fees, and benefits all the constituents in the ecosystem – operators, government agencies, number portability administrators and consumers.





This new model strikes a balance between minimizing operator costs, making port transaction fees affordable and helping to ensure the number portability administrator properly invests in the infrastructure and management of services.






Telcordia’s solutions have been selected for number portability deployments in countries around the world, including: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Greece, UAE and South Africa.






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