Telecom Debate: Who will benefit from MNP? Customers or Telcos?


National Mobile Number Portability has become a reality in India.

MNP empowers customers to opt their choice of SPs without changing their mobile numbers. It does not, however, propose measures to improve the service quality. In this context what benefit does MNP bring to customers? Will it help set any quality benchmark for SPs?

Moving from one provider to another will remain a headache. MNP may be the last choice for a customer seeking better mobile experience – again, no guarantee! Should a customer opt for MNP to improve mobile experience?

MNP opens a reservoir of offers! Operators will compete with each other with free offers, cheap calling/data service or bundled device pack, etc. Who will benefit from these offers: customers or operators?

What should operators do immediately to reduce churn?

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TelecomLead team