Telecom Italia Media Broadcasting adopts Tektronix Sentry for High Quality Viewing


Tektronix announced that Telecom Italia Media
Broadcasting (TIMB), Italy’s third largest digital television broadcaster, is
using Tektronix Sentry digital content monitor to ensure its television
programming is delivered with exceptional picture and sound quality.



TIMB has
deployed Sentry in its central headend and several other key locations in its
network to monitor all of its high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD)
programming to identify video and audio errors that can impact viewers’ quality
of experience (QoE).



At its central headend facility in Rome where TIMB
aggregates its programming content, Sentry is used to detect errors after the
programming has been encoded and then again after it has been multiplexed – two
critical steps where errors are likely to occur. Sentry’s advanced detection
capabilities enable TIMB to quickly diagnose errors and dramatically speed the
time for repair.



We have always been committed to delivering our
programming with picture and sound quality as good as they can be, and
deploying the Tektronix Sentry is the latest
example of this ongoing commitment to quality. Sentry helps us quickly identify
the root causes of video and audio errors across our entire channel line-up,
which enables us to fix these errors faster than before,” said Crescenzo
Micheli, chief technology officer, TIMB.



Ensuring that viewers enjoy the best possible viewing
experience is a constant effort and TIMB’s use of Sentry as part of its
comprehensive approach to quality control demonstrates their commitment to
being the best. Sentry’s unmatched ability to identify video and audio errors
anywhere in a network makes it an ideal solution for TIMB and other video
service providers worldwide as they expand their services,” said Eric Conley,
vice president, Video Network Monitoring, Tektronix.



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