Telecom Italia to deploy distance monitoring service via mobile phone at Molinette Hospital

Telecom Lead Team:
Mobile major Telecom Italia will deploy Nuvola It Home
Doctor distance monitoring system at the San Giovanni Battista University
Hospital of Turin (Molinette Hospital). The system allows patients to monitor
their physiological parameters via mobile phone, delivering benefits in terms
of improved patient quality of life and optimized healthcare costs.

It Home Doctor, part of Telecom Italia’s Italian cloud offering, relies on
advanced cloud computing technologies and is delivered in a scalable and
flexible form via the company’s data centers.

distance monitoring service is designed to improve patients’ quality of life by
controlling their condition at home, avoiding visits to the surgery or
hospital. The system provide doctors with the information they need to keep the
situation under control using real time measurements by the patient, without
them having to make a special visit.

Nuvola It Home Doctor service allows discharged patients, selected and trained
in the use of modern but simple technologies, to monitor certain biological
parameters at home using traditional electro medical devices and send them via
a dedicated mobile phone provided by the hospital to the Telecom Italia data

metrics are sent to the platform automatically by the phone over the mobile
GPRS/EDGE/UMTS network. The solution can also operate on ADSL, Wi-Fi and
satellite networks, allowing the service to be used wherever a data connection
is available. The doctors access the platform via the web to monitor the data
and adjust their treatment.

service is now available to chronic patients under treatment in the Molinette
Hospital Geriatric Unit and the Molinette Home Hospital Unit. The service will
be gradually rolled out to the cardiology, pneumology, neurology, haematology
units and some areas of internal medicine.

this initiative Telecom Italia confirms its commitment to the diffusion of
innovative cloud-based technological solutions to benefit government, business
and the public, making a significant contribution to the country’s development.

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