TelecomLead Awards 2017: TelecomLead OTT Company – Google

googleThe jury of TelecomLead Awards 2017 has decided to present TelecomLead OTT Company award to Google for the company’s contribution in enhancing broadband reach and supporting the demand of every Indian in the Internet space.

Google is revolutionizing India’s broadband space by taking initiatives for setting up Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. Google is also one of the catalysts for the growth in the Internet penetration by enhancing capabilities for non-English language search on mobile and other devices. Google took initiatives to ensure cost-effective communication through several communication apps.

TelecomLead Awards Jury details

Satya N Gupta, Jury Chairman and Jury Members including Ravindra Kr Mishra, Rakesh Mehrotra, Girish Trivedi and Baburajan Kizhakedath decided the winners of the TelecomLead Awards 2017 through two rounds of jury meeting in June / July 2017. received hundreds of nominations from the telecom industry.

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