Telefonica Argentina to improve its operational processes, powered by Comptel

Telecom Lead America: Latin American mobile service provider Telefonica Argentina has selected Comptel Convergent Mediation as its unified mediation platform.

Diego Becker, senior vice president, Latin America and Caribbean, Comptel

Earlier this year, Telefonica Argentina, a part of Telefonica Group, has tapped Comptel’s real-time, scalable and flexible platform for more efficient collection and transformation of data into billable records for its more than 130 million daily network transactions.

Comptel’s unified mediation platform will enable Telefonica Argentina to improve its operational processes and achieve organizational synergies for the delivery and charging of its advanced fixed services.

“We are working in close collaboration with several members of the Telefónica Group, and are very happy to build an even closer relationship with Telefónica de Argentina,” said Diego Becker, senior vice president, Latin America and Caribbean, Comptel.

Moreover, this implementation will ensure a solid foundation for managing its fixed business, but will also prepare for the future convergence of its mobile services operations. Comptel Convergent Mediation has already been deployed at the CSP’s mobile operator, Movistar Argentina, since 2002.

Telefonica Argentina has 23 million fixed and mobile subscribers, from consumers to small- to medium-sized businesses to enterprises in the region. The company has more than three million broadband accounts and 25,000 kilometres of fiber-optic cable capacity in the country.

Comptel Convergent Mediation offers an intelligent approach to mediation and charging by hiding network complexity and linking services, subscriber and payment types. Its vendor-independent components allow for seamless integration with Telefónica de Argentina’s legacy systems, as well as extending to next-generation environments and services.

“We believe that Comptel Convergent Mediation will help Telefónica de Argentina reach its aim of convergent telecommunications services and to simplify its mediation processes, helping the CSP in offering its customers an excellent customer experience,” Becker added.

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