Telefonica Czech Republic deploys Amdocs for convergent billing across fixed-line and mobile

Telecom Lead Europe: Telefonica Czech Republic has deployed Amdocs Document Designer for bill design, publication and delivery across fixed-line and mobile operations.

Amdocs Document Designer will allow Telefonica Czech Republic to promote new price plans and product bundles and offer a single bill for fixed-line and mobile services.

“With this implementation, we will be able to improve the customer experience by providing customers with a single bill for greater transparency of spend across all services. We will also be able to drive new revenues by informing our customers of cross-product price plan promotions relevant to them, and by including personalized customer messages and advertisements for new offerings in their bills,” said Michaela Horova, senior manager for Billing & Collections, Telefonica Czech Republic.

Interfacing with multiple billing and ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems, Amdocs Document Designer will allow Telefonica Czech Republic to consolidate its bill formatting systems and produce both paper and digital bills.

Moreover, Telefonica will also gain from operational cost-efficiencies and environmental benefits.

Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of Amdocs

“But more than that, the monthly bill offers service providers a direct communication channel to their customers. The capability of using the monthly bill as a medium for advertising targeted promotions and offerings is a great example of how Amdocs’ products enable service providers to enhance the customer experience while driving additional revenues,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of Amdocs product and solutions marketing.

Recently, Tata Communications deployed Amdocs Resource Manager to consolidate its network inventory. Amdocs Resource Manager, a key part of Amdocs’ service fulfillment solution, will also provide the organization with an enterprise-wide view of its network resources.

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