Telefonica LATAM extends Revenue Assurance training with cVidya’s Education Center

Telecom Lead America: Telefonica LATAM has extended Revenue Assurance (RA) training with cVidya’s Education Center.

Revenue Intelligence solutions provider cVidya Networks said as part of the present follow up deal, Telefonica LATAM has purchased an additional 70 seats for the Advanced RA course.

Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya

The previous order was for 100 seats for cVidya’s Associate RA course in which 21 have already graduated.

cVidya claims that Telefonica’s follow up order of 70 seats in the Advanced RA course demonstrates their satisfaction with the previous Revenue Assurance training received through cVidya’s Education Center.

“Our employees who took cVidya’s Associate RA course gave us a very good feedback and the course had a very positive impact among the RA teams. As a result, we decided to incorporate to RA Training Program the Advanced RA course as well. cVidya expertise keeps your team ahead of the curve and I would definitely recommend the program for all telecom operators,” said Gabriela Sobral Gil, Revenue Assurance Director for Latin America at Telefonica International.

With over thirty hours of video lectures, cVidya’s Advanced RA course offers staff and RA managers training in a range of Revenue Assurance processes. cVidya’s Education Center eLearning courses are designed to allow trainees the ability to take the courses in separate modules at their own pace, allowing for a great deal of flexibility.

“They recognize the need to keep their staff trained on all aspects of Revenue Assurance. With our unique eLearning approach and cVidya’s renowned Revenue Intelligence experts our Education Center is the top Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management program available. These courses provide trainees the strongest foundation in RA and Fraud for anyone who is part of this fascinating business,” said Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya.

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