Telefónica launches cloud storage services using CTERA

Telecom Lead Europe: Telefónica has launched cloud storage services using CTERA’s Cloud Storage Enablement Suite.

CTERA Networks cloud solutions include secure file sync & share for laptop and smartphone users, and hybrid backup using cloud storage gateways.

In February Telefónica, one of the largest telecom operators in the world, said it would invest more than €9.45 billion as Capex in 2013. Telefonica’s Capex to sales ratio will be 14.2 percent.

The cloud service — Disco Virtual en Red– is aimed at addressing the storage, file sharing and data protection needs of Telefónica’s enterprise users in Spain. The service is available as part of the IT offering for the entrerprise market at Telefónica’s Aplicateca business app store and in its Fusion Empresas offering.

The CTERA’s Cloud Storage Enablement Suite, used by Telefónica, comprises a cloud-side service delivery platform, on-premises cloud storage gateways, and agents for servers, laptops and mobile – all with a unified management interface.

Andres López Hedoire, marketing manager, cloud security and management at Telefónica, said: “We chose CTERA as our partner in creating this innovative service because they provide a unified platform for enabling cloud storage services, supporting the scalability we need and the security that our customers expect.”

Telefónica is hosting the cloud infrastructure in its own data centers and is able to monitor and troubleshoot devices and software agents remotely, as well as perform remote firmware and software upgrades.

Hervé Bourgeois, VP of international sales at CTERA, said: “It is becoming increasingly evident that cloud-based storage, backup, and file sync & share services represent a major opportunity for cloud service providers.”


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