Telegent unveils TLG12xx to expand mobile TV market


Telegent Systems introduced its fifth generation TLG12xx
family of analog mobile TV receivers along with the industry’s first integrated
internal antenna and entertainment services platform.  



These innovations redefine the mobile TV experience by
enabling more attractive, easier to use handset designs and by delivering more
entertainment options through the integration of broadcast TV with video
streaming, mobile content, social networking and games in a common navigation



For manufacturers, Telegent’s mobile TV platform offers market
differentiation in handset design and video quality while delivering the lowest
power consumption, footprint and system cost in the market today.



Telegent’s internal antenna solution can expand the
market for mobile TV in the same way the headset antenna accelerated uptake of
mobile FM,” said Ford Tamer, chief executive officer at Telegent.



Telegent’s Entertainment Services Platform expands the
entertainment options for the consumer and enables handset brands, operators,
advertisers and mobile entertainment solution providers to engage in ongoing
consumer interaction post-sale,” Tamer added.



Telegent’s internal antenna
design offers a more aesthetically pleasing and reliable solution to handset
brands and consumers and eliminates the risk of returns caused by antenna
breakage, interference or user handling error.  



The solution delivers equivalent or better reception
quality than a whip antenna in both UHF and VHF bands through integration with
on-chip circuitry for automated sensitivity optimization.  The reference
design enables printed circuit board manufactures to support both internal and
whip antenna options with a common board.



Telegent’s entertainment services platform integrates
live broadcast TV with data-delivered content and services in a familiar
channel navigation experience that makes it easy for consumers to discover and
consume other types of mobile entertainment.  



Because consumers access the TV application with high
frequency and often directly from a TV button on the keypad, the entertainment
services platform is a valuable mechanism for engaging consumers.  



The platform provides entertainment options in locations
with poor television reception addressing manufacturer concerns about global
variability in broadcast TV signal strength. Telegent has developed
partnerships globally with local advertisers and entertainment partners to
support the platform.  



The TLG12xx series sets a new industry standard for power
consumption, footprint and system cost.  The solution integrates DC-DC
power management, lowering system power by more than 50 percent relative to
competitor solutions.  Its less than 1cm2 footprint is up to 60 percent
smaller and its external bill of materials is more than 70 percent lower
than competitor solutions.  In addition, the TLG12xx incorporates new
video algorithms that reduce streaking and trailing often associated with fast
motion images such as sporting events.  



The system includes a bundled TV player that speeds
manufacturer time to market and improves user experience with features such as
automatic video standard detection, enabling 1-click broadcast channel scan.
The solution supports both ITU601 and EMI interfaces.



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