Telepresence market will achieve $13 billion by 2018: Market Research

Telecom Lead America: Telepresence markets are expected
to grow from $3.8 billion in 2011 to $12.8 billion in 2018.


The significant growth will be driven by strong growth
from all three markets segments–immersive, conference room, and end point,
according to


“Lowest total cost of ownership and accelerated
return on investment are achieved through breakthrough bandwidth management.
Telepresence products leverage industry-leading support of the standards-based
H.264 and standards based high profile capability. Standards adherence and
compression technology can save up to 50 percent of ongoing bandwidth
consumption and cost,” said Susan Eustis, the lead author of the study.


The research firm says that the growth is partly
stimulated by the availability of end point access, as more and more people
having a variety of client table and smart phone devices available while they
are traveling, tuning into meetings on the go will become more compelling once
video capability is available. People feel more a part of a meeting when they
are connected by video.


Telepresence is considered to be any video communication
system that uses HD, high definition. Telepresence supports consistent contact
with a group of distributors, engineers, developers, physicians, or customers.
Telepresence provides a way to keep in touch with clients and the line of


Telepresence provides a way to supplement the face to
face calls, a way to provide a continuity to marketing, and a way to create
regular collaborations, supports for management efforts that are not replicable
in any other way.


The research firm says that a paradigm shift is occurring
in the video conferencing business and Teleconferencing seeks to pull huge
opportunities for increasing efficiency, increasing productivity, and in every


Recently, Infonetics Research revealed that sales of videoconferencing and telepresence equipment
increased 34 percent to $2.99 billion in 2011.


Infonetics Research expects a cumulative $22 billion will
be spent by enterprises on videoconferencing and telepresence hardware and
software during 2012 – 2016.


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