Telesphere expands into cloud-based videoconferencing


Telesphere announced Telesphere VideoConnect, a hosted
video service that enables any size business to implement videoconferencing
quickly and cost-effectively by targeting its webcam-equipped PCs, room-based
video systems, videophones, smartphones, tablets and softphones.


Telesphere VideoConnect
expands the company’s already broad range of cloud-based business
communication solutions, such as hosted voice, hosted call center and hosted
call recording for businesses.


Available to select Telesphere customers immediately,
Telesphere VideoConnect features an
intuitive user interface (UI) and hosted infrastructure that combine to create
a nearly flat learning curve for employees.


When employees place a call from a videophone or a
webcam-equipped PC using a softclient, Telesphere’s infrastructure detects
whether the called party also is video-enabled and, if so, automatically sets
up a one-on-one video call. This design eliminates the need for employees to
maintain separate videophones and additional numbers for colleagues, clients
and business partners.


Telesphere’s cloud-based service features both one-on-one
video calling and call bridging, enabling up to 12 simultaneous legs in a
single videoconference. This vendor-agnostic approach enables participants
using a wide variety of room-based videoconferencing systems, videophones and
softclients to all see, talk with and hear one another immediately instead of
wasting time tinkering with settings.  


For the first time, regardless of whether their
employees are in the office, working from home or on the road, as long as
there’s a broadband connection capable of supporting two-way video, Telesphere
VideoConnect enables them to conduct one-on-one video calls and multi-party
videoconferences quickly, easily and inexpensively,” said Clark Peterson,
CEO, Telesphere.


“With Telesphere VideoConnect, Telesphere’s
customers can now see and talk to one another, no matter where they are using a
PC, tablet, smartphone, videophone or even a telepresence system,”
Peterson added.


One-on-one Telesphere VideoConnect calls are free, while
pricing for calls using the Telesphere video bridge are based on minutes and
port usage. The solution is CapEx-free because it’s compatible with a wide
variety of room-based, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh desktops and
laptops, and videoconferencing systems from numerous vendors, all blended into
a seamless user experience.  


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