Telpac Industries to buy micro-payment platform technology from NetMind

Telecom Lead America: Telpac Industries has decided to
buy micro-payment platform technology from NetMind.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen its position as
a market leader in the mobile payment space.

The platform will become an important part of Telpac’s
entry into the social media, massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), mobility
and eCommerce industries.

Telpac Industries’ targeted mobile social networks allows
consumers with mobile devices — or any Internet connected device — to
interact with other consumers who share their interest, age or location, and
enables them to select, buy and use content, services and goods relating to the

“The acquisition of NetMind’s micro-payment mobile
platform allows us to quickly enter the global mobility market which is
estimated to reach 1 trillion worldwide by 2015,” said David Teuma, CEO of
Telpac Industries.

Telpac creates and monetises what mobile consumers see,
what they consume, and what they experience on their devices.

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