TelVue Connect launches new platform to slash local origination and leased access costs


TelVue Corporation announced that it has launched a new
platform to slash cable/telco local origination and leased access (LO/LA)
servicing costs and dramatically improve workflow.


Believed to be a first in professional broadcasting,
TelVue Connect migrates what has always been an on-premise equipment and
software service entirely to the cloud.


TelVue now uses the cloud to handle large media file
uploads, content management, transcoding for different destination networks or
devices, and scheduling requiring only a broadband connection and browser.


TelVue Connect continues a trend of cloud-based
processing that eliminates high customer capital costs, maintenance management,
feature upgrade logistics, equipment networking and compatibility issues.


LO/LA channels can be costly and time consuming to
operate because content comes from many different contributors and sources.
Currently, operators have to designate a facility for media drop-off and
real-time encoding one hour of encoding for each hour of programming.


Additionally, because of its fluid nature, LO/LA
scheduling demands on cable/telco personnel have been a burden.


TelVue Connect solves these issues by allowing contributors to submit content directly
to the cloud using any web browser via simple drag-and-drop. In the cloud,
content is automatically converted to the proper format and delivered to the
operator’s broadcast server.


The cable/telco operator can schedule LO/LA contributor
series into pre-assigned time slots using flexible rules and recurring patterns
such as “once a week at 8PM.” This allows contributors to self-manage
their episodes within a series, effectively distributing the channel scheduling
task amongst the contributors.


TelVue Connect includes a number of convenience features
such as automatic email alerts, dashboards, and streaming previews of
contributed files.


Using TelVue Connect an operator can assign entire
channels on their broadcast servers to be managed securely and remotely. This
opens the door for new commercial services. TelVue Connect also simplifies
management of a multi-site edge broadcast network, leveraging the Internet as a
low-cost alternative to existing media delivery platforms.


“TelVue Connect solves the multiple-contributor
problem so it shines for local origination channels such as community, Public,
Education and Government, local sports and long form advertising,” said
Jesse Lerman, president and CEO, TelVue.


“Local content is in demand and can be a real
differentiator for operators. Lowering the cost and time to launch local
channels also makes it possible for operators to monetize these channels,”
Lerman added.


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