Tencent WeChat app taps Syniverse for authentication services

Tencent has signed a multi-year deal with Syniverse to authenticate global end users of Tencent’s WeChat app via Syniverse’s Enterprise Messaging Service.

WeChat mobile communication app has more than 100 million registered users outside of China.


When an end user registers with the WeChat app over a mobile phone, Syniverse’s platform will deliver a one-time verification code via SMS to the end user with low processing latency, subsequently allowing the user to complete the registration and activate the app.

“WeChat users hold the security of their private information and their convenience in the highest regard, and Syniverse’s solution ensures both by providing a channel to quickly verify identity during the registration process,” said Morten Brogger, chief sales officer, Syniverse.

Syniverse Enterprise Messaging Service can be easily integrated with email systems, allowing brands to send and receive relevant and contextual SMS messages from their email clients, with group messaging support and delivery tracking through a secure channel.

The service also can be offered by mobile service providers to sell network-based application-to-person services directly to customers, with Syniverse managing the platform on the back end. Enterprises’ back-end systems can be triggered to send high-priority SMS notifications to select groups of customers and employees, offering the scalability to be deployed for a number of different business uses with a wide variety of messaging capabilities.

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