Teradata enhances managed services capabilities


Teradata Corporation announced expansion of its Teradata
Managed Services capabilities to include application lifecycle development and


Teradata Managed Services will continue to offer support
for data warehouse operations, while expanding its services to new application
development projects that drive mission-critical data warehouses and enterprise


In addition to day-to-day technical support and
performance management of systems, Teradata now offers advanced assistance for
business intelligence application development such as report creation, ad-hoc
query development or analytical modeling and integration enhancements for new
data sources to the data warehouse based on a managed services agreement.


The availability of advanced skills has become
increasingly important for businesses that depend on intelligence from the data
warehouse to improve customer acquisition and retention, reduce operational
costs, shorten product time-to-market and more.


“The business value provided by Teradata
Managed Services has driven particularly strong growth as more customers look
to Teradata’s deep experience to manage their business intelligence and data
integration environments,” said Dave Klumb, vice president, Teradata


Behind the scenes of everyone one of our managed services
engagements is a host of experienced, certified professionals, processes and
specialized tools that provide a stable and optimized data warehouse
environment to customers.


Our Teradata Managed Services business is continually
investing in people, processes and tools that make the difference between
simply providing a service and becoming a trusted, valued data warehousing
partner. Our laser-focus on excellent service delivery will ultimately help our
customers to advance their enterprise intelligence initiatives.


For example, one of the world’s largest airlines is
utilizing Teradata Managed Services to prioritize new projects and adapt
quickly to changing business needs by freeing its existing information
technology (IT) teams to tackle new projects that affect revenue.


Teradata Managed Services experts manage database
administration, system administration, data integration, and operational
activities. This airline can now assign internal IT employees to higher
value-add projects, knowing they have a pool of qualified Teradata consultants
to handle day-to-day technical monitoring, operations, and lifecycle
application development and maintenance.


Teradata Managed Services provides consultants to help
customers with the intricacies of data integration and how these tools,
technologies and processes work best with the Teradata data warehouse.


Additionally, analytic services enable customers to
support and manage highly tuned business intelligence applications that push
valuable information into the company’s operations and to front-line
decision-makers in near real-time.


To help deliver managed services and provide 24×7 global
support for customers, Teradata has opened global consulting centers staffed
with specialists dedicated to the managed services tasks. These specialists
have expertise in data management and business intelligence software, and a
superior knowledge of enterprise data warehouse management.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]