Teradata-Oracle alliance launches new BI capabilities

By Telecom Lead Team:
Teradata, a analytic data solutions company, announced next-generation BI
capabilities that empower IT and business professionals to effectively leverage
geospatial analytics, improve system performance, and enhance management of
complex BI environments.

To accommodate escalating data volumes and end users,
companies are pursuing heightened technology capabilities that cut through data
complexity, extend the scope of their BI, and speed delivery of new types of
useful information to growing communities of business users. Through ongoing
integration and optimization of Oracle Business Intelligence and Teradata
platform family technologies, the Teradata-Oracle alliance is equipping
companies to do exactly this.

The new capabilities include:

Teradata Geospatial with Oracle Business Intelligence
Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) mapping capabilities: joint technologies work
together to better inform companies’ business decisions with automated,
integrated location intelligence.

Teradata Aggregate Designer Optimization with OBIEE:
OBIEE leverages this Teradata tool to partially automate the design and
creation of Virtual Cubes for high performance data aggregation to support the
BI environments.

Teradata Query Banding with OBIEE: OBIEE integration with
Teradata’s management functions make it easier to track and manage user
activity and user profiles, and to prioritize system access per user while
improving workload management across user communities for greater speed of
insight when and where it is required.

Companies today need to view and analyze location and
related geographic data in a way that improves their business decisions.
Teradata Geospatial with OBIEE allows for the storage, processing, and
retrieval of spatial coordinate data that enables calculation of key
measurements that reveal competitive insights such as how far customers are
willing to travel to redeem discounts, the optimal location of a new branch or
distribution center, or the most profitable location for a new cell tower
relative to high-value customers.

A pressing challenge in complex BI environments is the
heavy lifting required by data aggregation, and the extent to which it impairs
BI tool performance, lengthens analytic response times and limits cube
scalability. The combined features of Teradata Aggregate Designer and OBIEE
address these challenges by automating the design, recommendation and creation
of Virtual Cubes in Teradata, benefiting OBIEE users by speeding query
performance and reducing aggregation overhead.

“The new capabilities released today are just the
latest example of the value being delivered to Teradata and Oracle Business
Intelligence customers through a well-established joint engineering relationship,”
said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs.

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