Three Indian cable operators select Pace pre-integrated software and set-top box solution

Telecom Lead India: Three Indian cable operators, Delhi
Distribution Company (DDC), Faction Digital and Kozhikode Cablecommunicators
(KCL) have selected Pace pre-integrated software and set-top box solution
to support digital service rollout.

Pace has designed its pre-integrated solution to provide
a cost-effective alternative to operators who need a high quality payTV

Pace’s pre-integrated solution incorporates Pace’s
Tungsten device software and Titanium Conditional Access System (CAS) as
standard on a Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) set-top box. The
Indian version of the solution includes a Pace India-developed user interface
(UI) created specifically for local consumer browsing preferences in terms of
color and design, including a button on the box itself so that users can operate
all functions if their remote control is missing or out of action.

India is currently in the first phase of a
government-mandated transition to digital TV services, with full switchover
required in 2015.

DDC, Faction and KCL have selected the Pace solution to
enable swift rollout of digital services to their customers as part of this
process, which will see 80 million Indian households transitioned to digital
services by the deadline.

The solution’s design allows the operators to quickly
deploy digital services to customers via an SD set-top box, and then add PVR
capabilities or additional services in the field over time, if and when their
requirements change.

Shane McCarthy, president of Pace International, said:
Pace aims to offer operators as many options as possible. The cost and time
pressures for Indian operators are huge, and working with multiple partners to
develop, integrate and deliver their service platform is not a realistic

McCarthy added that Pace provides DDC, Faction and KCL
with a straightforward and cost-effective way of moving their subscribers to
digital, while maintaining the high quality.

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