TI launches sub-1 GHz RF family for low-power wireless applications


Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of the sub-1
GHz RF performance line family, providing connectivity for low-power wireless
applications in the security, Smart Grid, industrial, wireless healthcare, home
and building automation, and other spaces.


The sub-1 GHz RF performance line family meets the
market’s most stringent RF requirements and provides an industry-leading
ability to filter out other RF sources. For developers and consumers, this
translates into end products with robust and reliable wireless links that are
resistant to disturbances from other wireless systems in a device’s


The sub-1 GHz RF performance line family today consists
of the CC1120 and CC1121 transceivers and CC1175 transmitter. The sub-1 GHz RF
performance line can be more than 30 times closer in proximity to other RF
systems and potential connection “interferers” than competitive
offerings, allowing streamlined coexistence between various connected devices
in one environment.


With 65-dB adjacent channel rejection at 12.5-KHz offset
and 90-dB blocking, TI delivers the industry’s most reliable sub-1 GHz
connections. With a 139-dB link budget, the products’ range reaches well beyond
10 km and provides maximum indoor penetration.


Advanced RF sniff mode also allows systems to listen for
RF packets using very low power consumption, with less than 3mA in receive (Rx)
sniff mode, while maintaining full RF performance.


“The sub-1 GHz RF performance line is a key enabler
of long-range, low-power wireless connectivity that provides uninterrupted,
reliable user experiences regardless of the other wireless devices in the environment,”
said Erling Simensen, product marketing manager, LPRF,


“Consider the fact that one household can contain
more than ten wirelessly connected devices in the same space from family members’
smartphones and health monitors to the home’s smart meter, alarm system and
more. Frequency is a limited resource, and these devices must communicate on
the same bands while filtering out other RF traffic. Our sub-1 GHz RF
performance line achieves this, and maximizes RF robustness for the best user
experience,” Simensen added.


The sub-1 performance line family reiterates TI’s
commitment to offering connectivity for any application, ranging from the most
cost-sensitive to high performance sub-1 GHz applications.


The performance line complements TI’s sub-1 GHz RF value
line family, announced in July 2011, which offers low-cost connectivity
solutions for sub-1 GHz RF applications such as remote controls, toys and
security systems.


Texas Instruments recently opened
order entry for the new TMS320C553x ultra-low-power DSPs, enabling developers
to add sophisticated signal processing to consumer audio and voice
applications, portable medical equipment, biometric security, voice-activated
home automation and flow meters at an unprecedented price.


The C553x DSPs offer the lowest price DSP in the industry
starting at $1.95 and are supported by the $55 C5535 eZdsp development kit. The
DSPs also offer up to two times lower active power consumption and up to six
times lower standby power consumption than the nearest DSP competitor.


By Telecomlead.com Team
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