Tiens Group taps Orange Business to deploy cloud computing solution

Telecom Lead Asia: Tiens Group has tapped Orange Business Services for implementing cloud computing solution.

Orange Business Services said this is the first cloud contract in Asia Pacific for Flexible Computing Express, a cloud computing solution.

Didier Jaubert, senior vice president of Global Services, Orange Business Services

Tiens Group’s business reaches more than 190 countries and has branches in 110 countries and regions and has established strategic alliances with enterprises from many countries.

Orange Business Services’ Flexible Computing Express is targeted for companies wanting to host their IT infrastructure as a service in a cost-effective way, while keeping a direct control on the configuration of their platform.

Flexible Computing Express administration interface enables Tiens Group to modify its infrastructure and resources with full autonomy, allowing the company to increase or decrease the CPU (Central Processing Unit) power, RAM memory and storage; add virtual machines; and set security rules.

Moreover, Orange Business Services will empower Tiens Group to migrate its EMEA- and APAC-based offices to a cloud platform. Project implementation is expected to help Tiens Group optimize its costs in redundant system resources and improve cost management.

Through Flexible Computing Express, Tiens Group will gain access to a virtual and highly-flexible infrastructure, allowing it to better leverage its IT resources to drive the expansion of its customer base and improve its profitability and margins via pay-per-use invoicing.

“We are honored to provide Tiens Group with Flexible Computing Express, based on cutting-edge, world-class communications technology. This highly versatile, cloud-based solution enables companies like Tiens Group to manage virtual infrastructure and IT resources instantly and securely,” said Didier Jaubert, senior vice president of Global Services, Orange Business Services.

“As our global business continued to expand, we saw increasing demands for communications services. Flexible Computing Express has enabled us to seamlessly integrate with cloud services, and addressed our demands for hardware resources needed. We hope to build on Orange Business Services’ network and global reach to drive further growth and success in the international arena,” said Wu Yiqun, vice president of Tiens Group.

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