TIM Brasil deploys Amdocs Unified Communications to power blah service

TIM Brasil, a Brazilian service provider, has deployed Amdocs Unified Communications to power its new blah service.

Blah, which is available to any customers on Android and Apple iOS, keeps mobile subscribers inside TIM Brasil brand while they use messaging and communication services such as VoIP, video chats and rich instant messaging.

TIM Brasil’s blah allows subscribers to sees their combined contacts from all devices and Facebook, and communicates with these contacts straight from the app. By highlighting contacts that are fellow subscribers, or intelligently reformatting dialed numbers to use a discount long distance provider where available, TIM Brasil subscribers can save call costs.

“With the launch of blah, we are the first Brazilian operator to enable mobile subscribers to enjoy state of the art, over-the-top type experiences with an intelligent address book, keeping the interface with customers and facilitating all communication,” said Roger Sole, chief marketing officer at TIM Brasil.

TelecomLead News Team