To tap Wi-Fi users, Norton by Symantec releases Hotspot Privacy

Telecom Lead America: Norton by Symantec has released Norton Hotspot Privacy, a new service that helps protect consumers using public Wi-Fi connections.

The product is currently in available in the U.S. and U.K. for Mac and PC users.

Norton claims that Hotspot Privacy automatically creates a private connection – or virtual private network – allowing users to control what they share online, no matter where they connect to the Internet.

Norton Hotspot Privacy is designed to enable users to become invisible on the network and also encrypts their username, password and other confidential information they may be entering online. Consumers can sign into the Norton Hotspot Privacy Web portal, download the client and the VPN will automatically configure to create a private connection.

According to research, 53 percent of online adults who use free or unsecured Wi-Fi have concerns about the security of those services. Many put sensitive or financial information at risk. More than 40 percent of these people access personal information such as email (44 percent) and social networking sites (42 percent) via free or unsecured Wi-Fi.

Using free, legal apps or hardware costing less than $100, hackers can gain access to online banking, email and social networking information transmitted via even password-protected Wi-Fi networks.

“Increasingly, public Wi-Fi is a part of everyday life, providing people with a convenient way to connect on the go,” said Dave Cole, vice president, product management, Consumer Business Unit, Symantec. “With Norton Hotspot Privacy, consumers are able to take advantage of the convenience of public Wi-Fi, with the confidence of knowing their information is secure and their online activities remain private.”

In addition to Norton Hotspot Privacy, the Norton product portfolio includes Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, which provide additional layers of PC protection from unsafe and potentially fraudulent websites.

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