Top ten most aggressive Call Spammers of 2011

World Wide Commerce Associates (WCA), Grocery
Savings Direct and Courtesy Awards are the most persistent “Call
Spammers” of 2011, according to WhitePages.

to the findings, majority of the list of Call Spammers is comprised of the
nation’s most aggressive debt collectors, with some telemarketers.

During the analysis WhitePages discovered that one
percent of “Call Spammers” were responsible for over 6.5 million
calls and texts, which means a very small group of callers account for a large
share of “Call Spam” volume.

In its 2011 analysis, WhitePages estimates that more than
30 percent of all calls placed to cell phones are from numbers that are not
already in people’s phone contacts and that nearly 25 percent of these unknown
calls are “Call Spam.”

WhitePages also found that many telemarketers and debt
collectors call or text from numerous phone numbers with a variety of area
codes and they mostly prefer to call on Mondays.

Whitepages has done an analysis of over 45 million
unsolicited calls or texts to its Caller ID customers to find the ten most
aggressive Call Spammers” of 2011. WhitePages identified the Call Spammers
by using WhitePages’ suite of popular Caller ID solutions that includes six

The suite has identified over 150 million “Call
Spam” and 600 million “unknown” numbers so far.

The remaining persistent call spammers are Allied
Interstate, CBE Group, Consumer Connections, CMI Group, ER
Solutions/Convergent, Portfolio Recovery Associates and Santander.

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