Topsy Labs launches realtime social search engine for mobile devices

Topsy Labs has launched a real time social search engine
with the mobile address of

The search engine will enable the user to quickly find
the most relevant, up-to-date communication about any topic or keyword, using
social data from Twitter and Google+.

As part of Topsy Mobile, the “Social Time
Machine” allows the user to explore older or newer results for a query
using a slider interface that represents a period of time.

“Topsy Mobile brings a comprehensive and
up-to-the-second news search experience to mobile users across the world. Now
people can stay on top of news, topics and events being discussed on Twitter
and Google+ right from their smartphones,” said Vipul Ved Prakash,
co-founder & CTO, Topsy Labs.

The engine automatically saves queries, so that users can
revisit specific results at any time, for the freshest content.

Twitter says that 55 percent of its users login via their
mobile device every day — Topsy’s search is aimed at this type of mobile user
and provides highly relevant search results for mobile queries.

Topsy’s mobile release is also useful for searches
related to timely incidents (e.g. protests, Occupy Wall Street, car/train
accidents), events (e.g. festivals, conferences, concerts), developing news
(e.g. elections, sports), product releases (e.g. iPhone 4s, a new movie) and
gossip (e.g. celebrity related).

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