Toshiba launches high-frequency power detection integrated circuit

Telecom Lead Asia: Toshiba America Electronic Components
has launched TCX4A01WBG, a high-frequency power detection integrated circuit
(IC) that uses Root Mean Square (RMS) detection for transmission power control
in mobile phones.


The small circuit area of the new chip enables high
efficiency operation for power amplifiers, and extends battery life – a key
concern in the design of today’s mobile phones.


Toshiba claims that its TCX4A01WBG features an
ultra-small package (WCSP4), operating with only a coupling capacitor and a
bypass capacitor.


Moreover, the new power detection IC from Toshiba can
extract a high accuracy detection voltage from even the most complex
transmission signals such as those used for 3G or newer phones and is also
suitable for PA power control.


Toshiba said that the chip gives greater freedom in
circuit design, which is important at a time when multiple bands and complex
transmission signals are present due to an increase in data communication


Talayeh Saderi, business development engineer for TAEC,
said mobile phones require high-frequency power detection with a small circuit
area. The ability to achieve a long battery life is one of the most pressing
issues in the design of mobile phones, and has become a consumer expectation.
Because the power amplifier consumes considerable power in a mobile phone,
having control for the power amplifier is essential.


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