Trend Micro leads global cloud security software market: TechNavio

Telecom Lead Europe: Trend Micro leads the global cloud
security software market, ahead of the four major players in the market,
according to a report by TechNavio.

The report points out that Trend Micro dominate the market
because of its diversified geographic reach, established customer base, and
brand reputation.

Trend Micro has partnerships with cloud and
virtualization service provider, VMware, and companies such as HP, Cisco, Dell,
Microsoft Corp., Oracle, and Wipro.

“Trend Micro’s dominance in the cloud security market
is the product of the focus and dedication our company has poured into cloud
security innovation, which has enabled us to extend the reach of the global cloud
infrastructure while maximizing security, reducing complexity, and providing a
better user experience,” said Steve Quane, chief product officer.

TechNavio also estimates that the global cloud security
software market was valued at US$241 million in 2010 and is expected
to reach US$963.4 million in 2014, growing at a CAGR of 41.4 percent.

  The main drivers for the Global Cloud Security
Software market are the growing use of cloud services for critical data storage
and the sudden increase in cloud-specific attacks. Driven by multiple factors
such as flexibility, cost saving, and availability, an increasing number of
companies are transferring their data to the cloud,” according to the TechNavio

Earlier, Trend Micro was positioned as the leader in
corporate endpoint server security and the leader in worldwide virtualization
security management market by IDC’s “Worldwide Endpoint Security 2011-2015

Within the virtualization and cloud space, Trend Micro
offers two flagship products Trend Micro SecureCloud and Trend
Micro Deep Security.

Facebook partners with Trend Micro for user protection from
malicious links

Recently, social networking major Facebook entered into a
strategic partnership with Trend Micro to help educate and protect users’
digital life against malicious sites and malware.

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