Tri-Global Technologies unveils underground utility mapping for Android devices


Technologies, a developer of underground utility infrastructure mapping
solutions, announced the launch of Tri-Global UtiliDroid for Android


allows field technicians equipped with portable Android devices to easily
document utility mark-outs.


Tri-Global developed UtiliDroid
with integrated spatial technologies that enable Bluetooth connectivity with
third-party electromagnetic utility locators so the user can record critical
utility-locate information documenting the depth of the asset, its geographic
location and time/date of the mapping.


Google KML/KMZ data transmission can be established between office and field,
allowing managers to view field mapping progress within the Google Earth or
Google Maps environment.


created UtiliDroid to fill a gap in our professional grade Mobile Utility Suite
software for documentation-grade users who require a low-cost entry-level
product on an easily deployed and cost-effective platform,” said Mike Bellrose,
managing partner of Tri-Global Technologies.


users can expect typical documentation-grade accuracy from smartphone devices
of around +/- 10 meters.


expect this latest toolset to allow our users an entry point for digitally
documenting their utility locate projects and a clean path for expanding their
desired spatial accuracies as far as they wish to go within our software,”
Bellrose added.


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