Trimble selects nPhase to integrate M2M management capabilities for connected farm solutions

nPhase, a Verizon Wireless/Qualcomm joint venture, announced that Trimble Agriculture has signed on to the nPhase ONE developer program to utilize the Verizon Wireless mobile broadband network for their Trimble Connected Farm deployment strategy.

The nPhase ONE M2M development platform enables Trimble to integrate advanced M2M management capabilities into their back-office systems and applications as well as customer systems where and when required by using Unified Web Services APIs engineered to work across Verizon and Vodafone mobile broadband networks.

“Trimble provides an excellent example of how our respective companies are working together in solving important business and societal needs of today and tomorrow through advanced M2M. We are pleased to have them join nPhase at the 2011 CTIA Enterprise & Applications show to demonstrate the Trimble Connected Farm solution and the value delivered by nPhase and Verizon,” said Steve Pazol, president of nPhase.  

The Trimble Connected Farm solution enables wireless connections to optimize farming operations. Farmers can see where their assets are and make more informed decisions for time sensitive field operations like planting, pest management, and harvest, send jobs from their computer to the cab of machines, and automatically archive records in the back office for record keeping and billing.

“The Trimble Connected Farm solution is designed for deployment in rural areas where cellular coverage has traditionally been spotty,” said Ian Harley, business area director for Ag Information Management.

The Trimble DCM-300C modem is a Verizon certified communications device that can simultaneously measure and report machine telemetry, wirelessly sync precision Ag data like prescriptions to the office, and deliver high-accuracy sub-inch GPS corrections for guidance and machine control.

The DCM-300C can be mounted on any machine with a power source to track and report machine movement.

Recently, nPhase and ILS Technology announced that ILS Technology has signed on to the nPhase ONE developer program to bring integrated, value-added capabilities to enterprises planning to deploy M2M solutions on Verizon and Vodafone mobile networks.

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