tw telecom and LONI set up IPv6 commercial internet interconnection

tw telecom announced that the Louisiana Optical Network
Initiative (LONI) established its first IPv6 commercial Internet connection
with tw telecom.  


This interconnect occurred out of the Shreveport POP
collocated at the LSU HSC Shreveport.  The Internet interconnection
capability was established through IPv4-IPv6 dual stack BGP configurations over
existing tw telecom service.



As our enterprise customers look to the future of IP
networking, implementing IPv6 has been top of mind,” said Harold Teets, senior
vice president of Information and Network Technology and CIO/CTO at tw telecom.



Over the past few years, we have been working with our
customers to plan for and implement next generation IPv6 strategies for their
businesses,” Teets added.


tw telecom’s IP networking infrastructure has long been
IPv6 compliant and built for this technology transition from the beginning.  

The company has been delivering IPv6 services to its
customers since 2008.  tw telecom has focused on efforts around IPv6
supporting customer demand for Dual Stack implementations.  Dual Stack
implementation allows the customer to manage both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
across a single port that enables the customer to mitigate costly
infrastructure upgrades and is much easier to manage.



tw telecom previously announced its participation in the upcoming World IPv6 Day on June
8, 2011. tw telecom has made its corporate website reachable across the
IPv6 networks (IPv6 compatible) to demonstrate its corporate readiness to
deliver IPv6 capabilities to enterprises and large organizations.



tw telecom and LONI worked together last November to
build one of the world’s most powerful networks at the IEEE-sponsored SC’10
Supercomputing show in New Orleans.  Called SCinet, this network delivered
over 260 Gigabits per second (Gbps) in bandwidth, which would allow the entire
collection of books at the Library of Congress to be transferred in under a



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